My Silk Road​

” Travel has always been my passion and while travelling along the Silk Road.
I was struck by the same wonder and astonishment that led Marco Polo to discover the Far East”.


Massimo Bertini , CEO Ebtex

Young Massimo Bertini ‘s journey began in 1995, when he attended with some friends the Prato Expo Textile Fair, which was at that time the trendiest textile event and which lured international fashion designers to the city.
Here, Massimo Bertini met people who inspired him with new ideas and creativity and so he started travelling to Asia, accompanying textile buyers and to lay the foundations of his business relationships in Shanghai.
In the Far East, he discovered an extremely refined civilization, rich in shades, colours, fragrances, luxurious and exotic settings, precious fabrics of ancient workmanship.
Here, Massimo Bertini opened his first branch office, staffed by a local professional team. This allowed him to guide the major Italian textile companies to the Asian business market , from China to Hong Kong and up to Taiwan and Korea.
In other words, under his guidance, “Made in Italy” was able to discover the excellence of textile production along the Silk Road.
His greatest adventure and ambitious challenge began in 2010, when he founded EBTEX. The name encapsulates his business concept – experience of life, business, travel and friendship.


” I projected Ebtex because I realised that lots of Italian companies were looking for high profiled  textiles , with their own stylish identity sewn onto them. To achieve this, I needed to embark on cross-border product research and development and a combination of local and international manufacturing.
This allowed me to achieve a high quality final product but in less time and with a more competitive pricing structure.

Looking back, I can say I always did my best and it gives me a great deal of pleasure to know that that I managed to satisfy all my customers’ requests , even the strangest of them! “

At this point, Massimo Bertini opened the office in his hometown Prato. Here, a young team of experts are working hard to create the most innovative textile collections and to manage production in both Continents. After years of hard work, Ebtex is now one of the most competitive and dynamic companies in the textiles industry with about 500 customers in the high fashion market and in the ready-to-wear brands all over the world.
“My soul , my textile”.

Travel and the drive to explore different cultures are keywords for Massimo and for Ebtex. The Design Department is constantly looking for that original flair which prompts innovation. Each year, each collection is refreshed, with modern and new patterns which reflect the latest trends, creating unique and glamorous collections that inspire the fashion world. But if the soul of Ebtex is found in the textile itself – in its weave, finishing, colours and patterns – it can also be found in its dedicated and devoted workforce , both in Asia and in Italy, who have a real passion for their work. Ebtex is constantly changing, adjusting to the requirements of customers and time. It blends together two seductive worlds, two ancient cultures with their roots in the old traditions with always looking to the future.
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